Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Natural Hair Tag - August 2014

1. Why did you start your HAIR JOURNEY? – It was first to help my mother as she went through chemo but when I decided to grow my hair out after cutting it I wanted to grow it back naturally curly. I didn’t really relax before because it would break my hair off but I had tons of heat damage from straightening it all the time.

2. How long have you been on your HAIR JOURNEY? Since 9/9/10

3. Are you relaxed, transitioning or natural? I’m naturally curly but I straighten every 3-4 months.

4. What is your hair length now? Bra Strap Length

5. What Is your hair length goal? Mid Back Length

6. What is your hair texture? Fine Thin 4A hair with 4B at the crown

7. What do you prefer health or length? Health. I love the feel of my hair. I have hand in hair syndrome and just love touching it. It’s so soft and the cuticles are so smooth. I just love healthy hair.

8. If you could only live with one hair product what would it be? That’s hard. It would have to be a conditioner because I can use it to co-wash, condition, and leave in, so I would say Curl Junkie Curl Rehab. I purchase that stuff by the liter every chance I get.

9. What's the worst product you've ever used? It was a conditioner that I purchased from HairVeda. I broke out in hives and it dried my hair out. I had a really bad reaction to it. HairVeda was so nice about it and offered to cover my doctor bills but it was just a $20 co-pay so it was fine.

10. What is your "go to" hair style? Wash and Go, I can stretch it a week to two weeks.

11. Are you a "product junkie"? Recovering product junkie

12. How often do you trim your ends? Once a year. Since I have overcome single strand knots but buttering my ends I don’t have to trim as often.

13. How often do you use heat ? I use a heated DC cap I got off etsy. I use heat maybe 3-4 times a year to straighten my hair.

14. Do you take supplements? Sometimes but not regularly. I take Ayurvedic herbs from Banyan Botanicals

15. Your favorite oil? Amla Oil. Actually a mix of Amla, JBCO, Argan Oil and Jojoba oil makes my hair so supple.

16. Who is your hair crush? Whitney of Naptural85.

17. How long does it take you on wash day? 30 minutes plus an additional 30 mins if I want to style it

18. Worst thing that ever happen to your hair? Had to cut it twice due to playing around with too many products and testing out everything that I could get my hands on.

19. Do you dye your hair, and if so, what color? No but if I did it would be purple.

20. Who did you tag?!? :) CurlyGirlJess, AshkinCurls, EmpressRi, and CKBeauty

Monday, August 18, 2014

Makeup by One Direction - Up All Night

I had no idea One Direction was coming out with a makeup line so I was super excited to try everything that I got in the mail. Let me first say that the packaging  is pretty cool. Everything comes in a set and I got Up All Night from the Looks Collection.

“The Looks Collection” comprises three keepsake tins inspired by One Direction’s globe-conquering albums, “Up All Night, “Take Me Home” and the latest chart topper, ‘Midnight Memories.” Each tin comes complete with everything you need to show off your personality. Are you a rock n’ roll girl, a fun party girl or the girl next door? We have just the right collection for you and illustrations to help show you just how to get your perfect look. All your beauty essentials are housed in a LIMITED EDITION collectable keepsake tin with removable sleeve, complete with ONE DIRECTION doodle stencils to decorate your keepsake tin and make it uniquely your own!

Details on the 3 Looks Collection tins:

The line will be available worldwide starting in the U.S.

Macy's - August 11th
Stage Stores – August 25th
Dillards – August 25th
Beauty Brands – August 25th
Lord and Taylor - August 25th

So lets take a look at what's in the box shall we!!!

As you can tell from all the swatches the pigment payoff is pretty good. My favorite would have to be the polish, eyeshadow and lipstick for sure. I don't use a lot of jumbo pencils but I do love the color and I will be playing more with the lipgloss this fall, I'm too hooked on the lipstick right now lol.

Hope this information helped and I can't wait to see what's next from One Direction and their makeup line.


Friday, July 18, 2014

New Lime Crime Velvetine's 2014

LimeCrime came out with a few new Velvetine colors this year and of course I had to get them. My collection is now complete with Salem, Black Velvet, Wicked, Red Velvet, Pink Velvet and SuedeBerry.

Check out my Swatch video so you can see how they look on me:

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


OMG the heat here in Los Angeles is in full force and it's time for me to put away my Spring time LOC method and begin my Summer Regimen for my fine thin 4A hair.

Some may ask why does this differ from season to season for me. Well a lot has to do with my environment. The humidity levels in Los Angeles increase and I need to be mindful of dew points so that my hair is retaining moisture. I am also a single mom and pretty busy so the less fuss with my hair the better. Also when it's hot outside I find it so refreshing to take more showers and there is something about having the water run through my hair that is so relaxing.

So out with the LOC method and in with a more Curly Girl Friendly Method. I say Curly Girl Friendly because it's not exactly the method of not using shampoo. I do however leave my conditioner in my hair. So here is what the plan is for summer 2014:

Nothing or Co-Wash with Curl Junkie Daily Fix Cleansing Conditioner

She Scent It Avocado Conditioner or Curl Junkie Curl Rehab

Deep Conditioner:
Karen's Body Beautiful Luscious Locks

Leave In:
CONDITIONER!! (I use several types)

GEL!!! (Still on the hunt for a replacement for UFD Curly Magic)

My oil mix of Camillea Oil Argan Oil, JBCO, Emu Oil, and Jojoba Oil

As you can tell the product line up is pretty simple. The only thing is that I go from washing my hair 7-15 days to ever 4-7 days. I have to make sure that my moisture and protein balance is on point, if protein is needed I use my Oyin Handmade Honey Hemp Conditioner. I have to make sure my hair doesn't need glycerin (a product that can take moisture out of your hair in certain dew points and can add moisture to the hair in certain dew points). If my hair is in need of a humectant I use my Mai Sweet Carla Shea Butter mix from Tasti Kiss or I use my Greg Juice from Oyin Handmade. If there is any buildup, and there normally isn't, I just use some Braggs ACV on my hair and rinse.

I style my hair in a wash in go or a low ponytail. No fuss! When I want to be sassy I either slap on a wig or I pop a flower in my hair.

I normally keep this routine until around September when I start to switch over to my Fall/Autumn Hair Care Routine.

Hope this information helps.



Friday, July 11, 2014

Natural Hair Care Routine for Spring 2014 (Did I retain length???)

What Natural Hair Care products did I use for Spring 2014 and did I retain any length????

Tropical Isle JBCO Shampoo

Curl Junkie Repair Me (Before and After Flat Iron)
HairVeda ACV rinse (Once a Month)

She Scent It Avocado Conditioner
Curl Junkie Curl Rehab (Strawberry Scent)
Oyin Honey Hemp (as protein)

Deep Conditioner
Karen's Body Beautiful Luscious Locks

Leave In Conditioner
Soultanicals Knot Sauce
Oyin Hair Dew

Creamy Leave Ins
Oyin Handmade Whipped Pudding
Camille Rose Moisture Butter (Don’t know which version)

Tasti Kiss Ayurvedic Butter

Oyin Handmade Greg Juice (1/3 Juice, 2/3 Water)


Anita Grant Creamy Café Latte

Uncle Funky Daughter's Curly Magic (Sparingly)
Curl Junkie Pattern Pusha
Xtreme Professional Gel

Oil Mix
Camille Oil, Argan Oil, JBCO, Emu Oil, and Jojoba Oil

What changed?
I normally washed my hair once a week. This Spring I washed my hair when I felt it needed it, so once every 7-15 days.
I did wear a lot of wigs because I was attending a lot of Beauty Conventions and I love to be a little spicy with blue hair. (See my Instagram pictures @MakeupVixen)
When my hair wasn’t under a wig it was in a low ponytail or out in a flat twistout style.
The method I changed for caring for my hair was the incorporation of the LOC Method (Liquid, Oil, and Cream). I would use the oil mix I mentioned above then add a cream; the cream could be a leave in or creamy styler. The Liquid was water. Due to the porosity of my hair I decided to add the oil while still in the shower and a steamed room so that the cuticles were open and I could seal it with the oil. I would put a towel over my head and then dry my body off, and then I would apply my cream and start styling my hair.

Did I retain any length?
Yes, FINALLY! I have a VERY SLOW GROWTH RATE and I normally only retain 1 inch every 3 months. This Spring I was able to retain 2 inches in 4 months, YAY!!

What contributed to the length retention???

You’re gonna have to wait for that YouTube video to be posted, lol.

(Pictures are 2009 vs 2014, after 2 cuts I had in 2010 and 2011)

Thursday, July 10, 2014



The Japanese American National Museum (JANM) will present its annual Natsumatsuri (“Summer Festival”), on August 9, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission to the yearly celebration featuring Japanese and Japanese American performances, crafts, and activities is free all day, and all current exhibitions will be available for viewing.

Highlights of the day will include a performance by East LA Taiko, a karaoke contest, face painting for children, and the presence of Hello Kitty for photos.

All Day Activities:

Visitors can find out what their future holds through omikuji, a Japanese fortune-telling method.

Attendees can don a traditional happi coat and have their picture taken against a faux fireworks-filled sky, a common sight during Japanese summer festivals. (One print per family. A Members’ Express Line will be available for JANM members.)

Baseball fans can design a button showing off team spirit and celebrating JANM’s exhibition

Dodgers: Brotherhood of the Game.

Supplies will be available to make colorful paper hats to wear while enjoying Natsumatsuri.

Visitors can also create strings of paper lanterns, a popular festival decoration.

At Ruthie’s Origami Corner, a staple of JANM family festivals, visitors can learn to fold a festive origami kimono.

Kids can get in the spirit of JANM’s Perseverance: Japanese Tattoo Tradition in a Modern World exhibition with face painting by Party Face Magic. (For children only. Line ends at 4:30 p.m. A

Members’ Express Line will be available for JANM members.)

Toddlers can have fun or relax with an adult who brought them in our Toddler Room.

Prizes will be awarded to those who follow the clues and locate items in a scavenger hunt within the museum. (While supplies last.)

New BA STAR Tropical Eye Shadow Palette

BA Star welcomed their new Tropical Eye Shadow Palette and I had to get this colorful palette. As you know I'm a girl that loves to rock color so I was super excited to get this in the mail. It has great summer colors like Lime, Turquoise, Purple, Hot Pink and Silver.

After playing around with the palette I wanted to see which colors had the most pigmentation in it. I loved the Lime the best, followed by the Silver and then the Turquoise.

I created this look using the Lime on the Lid and the Turquoise color under my eye and waterline, in combination with other colors I already had in my makeup arsenal of goodies.

The palette also came with a base and I found that with my oily skin and extra oily lids it works best for me under my eye. So when I want to add color under my eye and not use an eyeliner I will use the base 1st and then apply a powder on top to create a cool eye look.

You can purchase affordable makeup on the BA STAR website and don't forget to check for discount codes. The last code was 50TROPIC but it expired on July 4th.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Grand Re-Opening of the new Del Amo Disney Store

Check out my mommy blog with my son called Rails My Way! We were able to take part in the celebration of the Grand Reopening of the Disney Store Del Amo in Torrance, CA.

To read about it please click the link:

Friday, May 23, 2014

Juicing and Hair Growth

In 2012 I did try the juice detox diet. I lasted on the diet for about a month. Here is a video where I talked about my juice diet experience:

The first time I tried the green juice diet it was very hard. I had headaches and my skin broke out. From what I have learned it was the detox phase.

Since I run a hair and beauty youtube channel a lot of my subscribers want to know how my hair responded to juicing. Did you get any growth? Did your hair get stronger? To answer the question.... Well somewhat. The first time I juiced my hair was in braids so I didn't notice much with my hair. The second time I gave juicing a try my hair was in it's naturally curly state and I really wanted to see what juicing really did for my hair.

After about 3 weeks of juicing my hair started to have this luster to it. It had a nice sheen and looked and felt stronger. Yes, I followed my normal hair care routine and wasn't trying any new products at the time. I wanted to see what juicing did for my hair using my normal HG and Staple products. I ended up attending a natural hair event and I bumped into some friends and right away they noticed my hair seemed "different".

As far as growth, well, my natural fine thin 4a hair doesn't grow fast. I may retain less than 1/4th of an inch a month. I guess I'm one of the rare ones. No matter what I do, eat, drink, protective style, or use on my hair, growth isn't in the cards for me. My hair grows very slowly and primarily only in the spring time, I live in Los Angeles, and it hibernates all of the other seasons. So I didn't get any major growth spurts by juicing, sorry. I did have stronger hair and I believe that if I can juice for more than a month next time I may see some growth benefits because the stronger my hair is the less likely I will have breakage. I don't have any major breakage but if i can hang on to what I have then the better my hair is.

Juicing was a challenge also because I really only like 2 recipes and I tried so many. Here is the recipe I followed:

Recipe 1
2-3 cups of Spinach
4 stalks of Celery
1 Green Apple
2 Carrots
1/3 a Cucumber
1/2 small Green Chayote (Mexican Green Squash)

Recipe 2
2-3 cups of Spinach
4 stalks of celery
2 green pears
2 carrots
1/3 a cucumber
1/2 small green Chayote (Mexican Green Squash)
Sprinkle of Ginger to taste

I tried so many other recipes for juicing and it just didn't suite my taste buds. I stuck with these 2 recipes as my only meals for almost a month of this detox challenge. To slowly get back into eating solid foods I started eating spinach salads and fruit for snacks. My body felt good and my hair did benefit from it. Right now I do this challenge 2 times a year but I will be doing it more often beginning this summer. You would be amazed at how much money you save on food by juicing and how much better your body feels.

Hope this information helped.


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Fun Beauty App from GlamST

What an amazing concept! I get to try on makeup on my computer before I decide to buy it!! I don’t have to feel pressured from any sales person, I’m not rushing to the shelves to fight over the last concealer in my shade, no lines, no fuss and I can do this from my own home. Using GlamST by uploading my photo and just trying on top brands of makeup is awesome. You can upload a nice picture of yourself and just figure the points of your face, like the shape of your eye and face, using the GlamST site and then begin playing in makeup. For the best results, upload a picture of yourself in daylight, pull the hair out of your face, have no makeup on, and SMILE!

The feature that I like the most is the foundation part. I have freckles and there are sometimes that I want to hide my freckles and times that I want to show off my angel kisses. Using the foundation feature I can see which foundation would give me the most coverage to cover the freckles in the picture.

Here I used Becca and I really like the results.

Can you believe the makeup in this photo is all from the computer!!! Amazing!! I used the NARS Super Orgasm blush that I never heard of before plus a NARS Concealer too!! I was even able to pick my shade!! I am floored!!

You can change the eye shape area to create different looks too. I think it's cool for use with tight almond hooded eyes to be able to play around with that feature. 

Love this app and can't wait to upload more pictures and try on more makeup. Best thing is that I dont have to worry about breaking out in acne from trying on so much makeup LOL.


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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I let someone TOUCH MY HAIR

Yes it is true! After 4 1/2 years of doing my hair at home and me being the only person to touch my hair it finally happened! I LET SOMEONE TOUCH MY HAIR!!!

Recently I attended a press event on behalf of blogger Monica of My Life Is A Journal. While attending the Mommy Blogger Press Event for #Blended the Movie, with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, there were 2 vendors there to pamper the moms. One was Flower Beauty, Drew Barrymore's cosmetic line that's sold at Walmart, and a local Beauty Salon braiding women's hair and putting curls in it. Now you know I'm a makeup girl and I was dead set on getting my makeup done but the both was always booked with women ahead of me so I missed out. I started to mingle and eat snacks but one of the ladies from the hair booth snagged me and got me to sit in her chair. Immediately (as a Natural 4A girl) I'm thinking oh please hair God's above hear my prayer, don't let this woman give me heat damage, cause any SSK (Single Strand Knots), or cause any breakage. She ended up doing a large flat twist on my stretched out curls and put it into a tucked away protective style. 

This was the 1st time in a LONG time that I let someone anywhere near my hair. Now that I had the hand in hair experience I am considering going to a Natural Salon here in Los Angeles. I actually miss the head massage, the deep conditioning treatments, and my favorite.. Beauty Salon Gossip, lol. Here are the local natural hair salons that I am considering:

I think I am leaning towards I Love LuLu but after reading the reviews on about the parking I am a little hesitant. 


Arvazallia Argan Oil product

Now as a natural girl with fine thin 4a hair I find it’s hard to find products that work with my hair styling wise and also because my hair hates wheat protein. 2014 marks my 4th year naturally curly hair anniversary and I decided I would begin to alternated from curly to straight. When I do straighten my hair I look for products with silicone, so that it locks in the moisture and helps prevent heat damage. I look for products with small amounts of protein, something not in the wheat protein family or else my hair will dry up and break off. 

Having been a natural hair guru for over 4 years now I am well versed on which silicones are water soluble, with oils benefits my thin and fine 4am hair the most and so on. After dividing my hair in 4 sections I clarified my hair using my mud wash. I then conditioned my hair with my avocado conditioner and detangled my hair. After rinsing the avocado conditioner out of my hair I applied the Hydrating Argan Oil Hair Mask. Upon application the product did smooth my cuticles, well considering the silicone in it closed them and sealed in the moisture. I left the product on for about 10 minutes and rinsed it out. There was some slip to the product but I am use to having a little more slip factor. After leaving the shower I followed the LOC Method, (Liquid, Oil, Cream) and applied a liquid water based leave in, oiled with the Argan Oil Treatment, and used a hair butter on my ends as my cream.

After I finished my LOC Method I let my hair air dry for 24 hours. The following day I took my braided dry hair down and applied a light heat protector, I flat ironed my hair and then I applied just a little more Argan Oil Treatment to my hair, about a dime size amount. I then wrapped my hair with a satin scarf and I didn’t remove my scarf until Monday morning when it was time to go to work.

On Monday morning my hair was so SOFT. It had shine and bounce to it. I received so many compliments on how healthy and strong my hair look. The following week it was time for me to go back to Naturally Curly. I am always a little scared of heat damage so I made sure I followed my normal back to curly routine. I pre-poo with a protein treatment, I clarified with a clarifying shampoo, deep conditioned with my Holy Grail deep conditioner, used a heating cap, rinsed and guess what… My curls came back, no damage.

All in all I am very happy with Arvazallia Argan Oil products. I am in love with the Argan Oil Treatment the most because a little goes a very long way and it did make my hair feel so soft for days.

Hope this information helped!


Thursday, May 8, 2014



LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA (May 6, 2014) – Milani Cosmetics, the leader in multicultural color cosmetics announces its first ever nationwide contest, “What Do Your Lips Say About You?”, empowering women everywhere to express themselves through the art of cosmetics.  Understanding that customers and beauty mavens alike use makeup as a creative avenue of expression, Milani Cosmetics encourages women of all ages and ethnicities to embrace their ingenuity and inner-artist to design a bespoke lip-look that speaks to their unique personalities.  Each applicant will have the chance to win the grand prize of $2,000 in cash and $1,000 worth of Milani swag to inspire any makeup fanatic’s look beyond imagination.

The contest is separated into two rounds with the first round kicking off at 12:00 AM EST on May 6, 2014, asking women to enter photos of their lip-fashion while describing what their lips say about them using an eloquent self-expressing hashtag.  Entries will be accepted until 11:59PM EST May 25, 2014, and the first 500 entries will receive one of the most celebrated Milani Cosmetics products, Color Statement Lipstick.  Milani’s Color Statement Lipstick is just one of the many cutting-edge luxe formulations available in a versatile range of shades made for women to accessorize their pout during any occasion.

“Milani Cosmetics provides every woman with the tools she needs and wants to express herself without limits,” says Chief Executive Officer, Ralph Bijou.  “Our colors and products do not discriminate.  They are made for every woman no matter her ethnicity, age, or personality.  In fact, we are dedicated to developing innovative superior cosmetics that not only inspire women to take pride in what makes them unique, but enables women to convey their own personalized message to the world in any situation without saying a word.”

A qualified panel of Milani appointed judges will choose 12 lucky finalists to enter into round two based on the originality of each contestant’s lip-voice as well as quality in skill.  Each finalist will receive $150 worth of Milani product and be asked to create a full lip-focused look using Milani Cosmetics.  Cosmetics provided will include Color Statement Lipstick, Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss, Baked Blush, Even Touch Powder Foundation, Cream to Powder, Liquid Eye Eyeliner, Runway Lashes, Eye Tech Extreme and many more!

On June 30, 2014, the 12 finalists will release their very own Milani lip-inspired makeup look and the voting will be passed on to the general public allowing one vote per person per day.  The winning look will receive $2,000 in cash and $1,000 worth of Milani cosmetics, while the runner-up will receive $500 work of products.

Initial entries for the “What Do Your Lips Say About You?” contest will be accepted on, as well as on, Twitter and Instagram using #mymilanilips.  All finalist entries will be available for public voting within the Contest tab/application at  Winners will be announced on July 14, 2014. For more information on the contest, visit

Founded twelve years ago, Milani is the destination brand for women who love color, love to experiment with new looks and shop for makeup in better drug stores and mass merchant retailers. These women seek innovative products, in richly pigmented colors, that are formulated to work together on a range of ethnicities to complement all skin tones and ages. Milani is the multi-cultural brand that delivers specialty store quality, at value pricing, in hundreds of shades, using technologically superior formulas, in lips, nails, cheeks, bronzers, face, brows, liners and more.  Inspired by Milan, Milani is distributed internationally in over thirty countries. Ralph Bijou, CEO and Laurie Minc, President have a twenty seven year track record in building strong brands, including Milani, both domestically and internationally. They are passionate about the cosmetic industry and are deeply committed to innovation, quality products and sustainable, long term growth.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Thanks to a great subbie and friend on my Facebook Fan page I was told yesterday, 4/21/14, that the NYX Macaron Lippies are now available.

I checked on Ulta's website and I didn't see them for sale yet but I'm hoping they will have them soon. I went ahead and ordered my collection from the NYX Cosmetics website.

If you have seen my Kaoir Lipstick swatch video, my Secret Kisses Lipstick swatch video, or even my LimeCrime Lipstick swatch video then you know that these vibrant and outside of the box colors are right up my alley.

I placed my order last night using code WELCOME25 so that I could get 25% off my order and I also qualified for free shipping. Can't beat that lol. The colors I ordered and will be swatching soon are as follows

ROSE: a lavender pink
LAVENDER: a lavender
EARL GREY: a powder blue
CITRON: a yellow
PISTACHIO: a mint green
VIOLET: a royal purple
BLUE VELVET: an electric blue
KEY LIME: a lime green

The colors that I didn't, or haven't purchased yet lol, are:

Orange Blossom - Orange
Black Sesame - Light Grey
Coconut - White
Chambord - Black

Other swatch and review videos of vibrant color lipsticks
(Secret Kisses)
(Lime Crime)

Monday, April 21, 2014

Staple Drugstore Beauty Must Haves

I do love makeup and for the most part I use a lot of luxury brand items in my kit for my clients and on myself. However, there are some staple drugstore brands or products that I have tried over the years and they are worthy enough for me to have in my makeup arsenal. There are some things I have been able to find in the drugstore that work for me and some things I just haven't found quite fantastic enough to make my staples list.

Here is a list of favorite drugstore beauty products:

Face Primer:
Brow: Maybelline define a brow
Eyeshadow Primer: Hard Candy Eyes the Limit & Milani Eyeshadow Primer
Eye Palette: Wet N Wild and NYX
Single Eye Shadows: Cover Girl and Maybelline
Liquid Eye Liner: Milani Eye Studio Master Precise & Wet N Wild Mega Liner
Kohl Eye Liner: Ruby Kisses and Kiss New York 24 Hour Liners
Waterline Eye Liner: Ruby Kisses and Kiss New York 24 Hour Liners
Mascara: Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara
Waterproof Mascara: Maybelline The Falsies Volumn ExpressWaterproof
False Lashes: Ardell and Red Cherry
Lash Glue: Revlon
Concealer: Hard Candy Glamaflauge Heavy Duty Concealer and LA Girl Pro Concealer
Liquid Foundation: Black Opal, Loreal Paris True Match and Covergirl Outlast Foundation
Stick Foundation: Kiss New York and Black Opal
Setting Powder: NYX Stay Matte
Setting Spray:
Contour Kit: Ruby Kisses 3D Face Creator
Blush: Milani Blushes
Highlight/shimmer glow: Milani Mineralized
Bronzer: NYX Matte Bronzer
Lip Liner: NYX
LipStick Brands: Revlon
LipGloss/Stain: Ruby Kisses Jellicious
Brushes: Real Techniques
Sponges: London Soho and Studio Basics Expert Complexion
Tools: Tweezerman

Brush Cleanser: Shampoo

Most of these items can be found at your local CVS, Walgreens, Wal_mart, and even ULTA Stores.

Hope this information helps,


Holy Grail Luxury Brand Beauty Favorites

Hey Hey Hey! I wanted to make a list of all the wonderful beauty brands that have made my Holy Grail list. I'm starting with my Luxury Brand must haves. These products have been tried and tested over the years in and out of my professional makeup artist kit. I use a lot of these products for filming in HD and some of these products I use on a daily basis on myself.

Hope this list helps:

Face Primer: Eve Pearl Primer Moisturizer (For Oily Skin)
Brow: MAC Brow Pencil in Spiked & Anastasia Beverly Hills Wiz in Caramel
Eyeshadow Primer: Lime Crime Eye Shadow Helper or Urban Decay Primer Potion
Neutral Eye Palette: Too Faced Chocolate Bar & Coastal Scents Neutral Palette
Vibrant Eye Palette: Ben Nye Lumere Cream Palette & Sugar Pill Pro Palette
Single Eye Shadows: MAC Cosmetics, Urban Decay & Ben Nye
Liquid Eye Liner: Sephora Long Lasting Liquid Eye Liner & Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner
Kohl Eye Liner: MAC Feline
Waterline Eye Liner: MUFE Aqua Eyes
Mascara: Too Faced Better Than Sex & Tarte Lights Camera Lashes
Waterproof Mascara: Dior Show Waterproof
False Lashes: Madona Lashes, MAC and House of Lashes
Lash Glue: Revlon
Concealer: Bobbi Brown Peach Corrector, Derma Blend & Kevyn Aucoin sensual skin enhancer
Liquid Foundation: Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Foundation and NARS Sheer Matte Foundation
Setting Powder: MUFE HD Pressed Powder & Ben Nye Setting Powder in Buff or Neutral
Setting Spray: Skindanavia Bridal Spray or Cinema Secret setting spray
Contour Kit: Ben Nye Mojave Powder Palette
Blush: MAC and NARS
Highlight/shimmer glow: MAC Mineralize Pressed powders & Laura Geller
Bronzer: MAC Bronzer
Lip Liner: MAC Lip Liners or OCC Colour Pencil
LipStick Brands: MAC, Kaoir, LimeCrime, Ofra
LipGloss/Stain: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, MAC
Brushes: MAC, Hakuhodo, Sigma
Sponges: Beauty Blender
Tools: Tweezerman

Brush Cleanser: Parian Spirit

I will also make a Drugstore Holy Grail list so that these items can be more affordable to everyone, not just the makeup artists.

Hope this information helps,


Monday, April 7, 2014

My Sephora VIB Rouge 2014 Beauty Haul

Well it's that time of year again, Spring Beauty Sale at Sephora!! As a working makeup artist I get 50-20% off at most of the brands that Sephora carries but there are some brands where I don't have a Pro Discount to. So when Spehora has it's 15% off sale I like to buy from companies that I don't already get a Pro Discount from.

Here is a list of the items I picked up this Spring:

Bite Beauty: Cashmere Lip Creme - Crush ($28)
Bite Beauty: Cashmere Lip Creme - Burgundy ($28)
Bite Beauty: Matte Creme Lip Crayon - Satsuma ($24)
Bite Beauty: Matte Creme Lip Crayon - Kumquat ($24)
Bite Beauty: Luminous Creme Lipstick - Violet ($24)
Bite Beauty: Luminous Creme Lipstick Duo - Vivid ($12) Returned 4/8/14
Bite Beauty: Luminous Creme Lipstick Duo - Neutral ($12) Returned 4/8/14
Bite Beauty: Agave Lip Mask ($26)
Bobbi Brown Corrector - Peach ($24)
Benefit Cosmetics Lemon-Aid ($20)
Kat Von D: Immortal Lash 24 Hour Mascara - Black ($20) Returned 4/8/14
Kat Von D: Lock-It Tasttoo Foundation - Medium M57 ($34)
Yves Saint Laurent: Rouge Pur Couture Matte Lipstick: 203 Rouge Rock ($35)
Beauty Blender Royal beauty Blender: Limited Edition (Purple shade) ($20)
GlamGlow Youth Mud Tinglexpoliate Treatment (Small Size) ($19)
Nails Inc: Bling It On Floral ($11)
Ciate: Caviar Manicure Luxe - Gleam ($19)
Ciate: Sequined Manicure Kit - Multicolor ($6.50)
Ciate: Sugar Caviar Manicure - Cotton Candy ($12.50)  Returned 4/8/14
Ciate: Sugar Caviar Manicure - Lemon Fizz ($12.50)
Ciate: Very colourfoil manicure - Wonderland ($9.50)
Sephora Collection Color Proof Waterproof Liquid Liner - Black ($5)
VIB 100 Point Free Bonus: Benefit Cosmetics It's Potent! Eye Cream

I played around in a few items and boy were they BAD purchases. I returned them on 4/8/14 to sephora, no questions asked.

My VIB discount code is: VIBTICKET but you can also use code: TICKET if you are not a VIB ticket holder.

I am still on the fence about purchasing the Urban Decay Elctrick Palette and the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. I just have so many eyeshadow palette that are similar to them that I haven't felt the urge to buy them. I think I might buy them from Macy's in the future since I have giftcards to Macy's that I can use.

Here's a video so that you can see the items I picked up

Thursday, March 27, 2014

New from BH Cosmetics for Spring 2014

If you know me then you know that when I was growing up I hated the color pink!!! Yes, it's true! I was a purple girl through and through. It wasn't until I started working in Japan in my 20's when I developed a love of Hello Kitty, Glitter, and all things PINK!! I went from a kick ball playing tom boy to a barbie loving, makeup wearing, high heel struttin girlie girl with a love of all things cute and girlie. Well BH Cosmetics just released this cute 11 pcs Pink-A-Dot Brush Set and I must have it. This is going to be my must have of the month of March!

It retails for $28.95 but it's on sale for $24.95.

Here's what you get.
Deluxe Fan Brush
Powder Brush
Angled Blush Brush
Classic Foundation Brush
Tapered Shadow Blending Brush
Classic Shadow Brush
Flat Eyeliner Brush
Angled Shadow Brush
Small Smudge Brush
Tapered Eye Liner Brush
Lip Brush

Happy shopping everyone! LOL
Luv you,

#tbt Generation Beauty 2013 (Recap pictures)

Back down memory lane. Just a few pictures I never posted from my experience at the 2013 Generation beauty Event at the LA Live Center.